Destiny 2 Will Feature New Performances From Lance Reddick in the Future

Bungie has said that Lance Reddick’s performances will be part of Destiny 2 in the future.

Commander Zavala is one of the most well-known characters in the Destiny universe, and Reddick has been playing him since the first Destiny. When Reddick passed away a little over a week ago, many Destiny 2 players visited Zavala in large numbers as a way to honour him. Now, after Reddick’s death, Bungie has elaborated on his continued role in the franchise.
Bungie, the developers of Destiny 2, has published a new blog post honouring Reddick for his contributions to the game and the community. Bungie didn’t stop at just praising Reddick’s contributions to Destiny 2; they also teased “still to come” lines of speech Reddick recorded for Zavala. Further information on the breadth of Reddick’s performances was not provided, although it will likely be made public at a later date.
The death of Lance Reddick, at age 60, was announced on Friday, Bungie stated. “Lance gave life to a figure that has come to represent Destiny itself via his voice work as Commander Zavala, the sturdy leader of the Vanguard. Over a decade ago, Zavala’s voice, filled with power, tranquilly, and dignity, gave purpose and solace to Guardians all across the globe.”
“As an actor, singer, gamer, and family guy, the passion Lance brought to the things he loved was mirrored in the eyes and hearts of everybody who loved him,” the write-up went on to state. “We will continue to remember him and pay tribute to him through his future accomplishments in the game. Our hearts break at the news of his demise, and our condolences go out to his family and friends. Please accept my gratitude, Lance. The two of us will remember you fondly.”
Fans all over the world were very saddened by Reddick’s death, but his continued presence in Destiny 2 as Zavala has given many a sense of peace. Seeing his voice and persona return in Destiny 2 with fresh performances is exciting news that will undoubtedly make a lot of people happy.

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