Jarrett Patterson NFL Draft 2023: Scouting Report for Notre Dame IOL

Excellent timing and hand placement in strikes, connecting deep within the defender for instant leverage, and the agility to quickly replace or re-fit.

When facing a double team, you must be able to cover and pry open the first-level defender while keeping a steady gaze on the linebacker.

plays long to optimize his arm length and arrives on contact under control with planted feet. reduces the bull rush gently and smoothly towards his anchor, where his hands are tight and active to provide lift.
Jarrett Patterson started for four years in Notre Dame’s run-heavy system, which used a variety of split-flow zone runs, power runs, and duo runs. Patterson is an established leader who has shown he can play well despite physical setbacks. Patterson is a tall, averagely-built athlete with average arm length.

Patterson is a skilled runner who has a great sense for combination and double-teams blocks, allowing him to quickly dig out from under the first defenders’ tackles and then quickly release to connect with second-level targets.

He plays along with planted feet at the moment of attack and has great core strength with superb hand placement.

Patterson doesn’t have the strength to go up against big interior run defenders one-on-one, but he knows how the play is supposed to go and can re-fit on blocks to open lanes and seals.

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