Lamar Jackson’s Perfectly Timed Tweets Sent a Very Clear Message to the Ravens

His request for trade via social media during the NFL owner’s meetings raised the stakes in his negotiation, and it is now up to Baltimore to bring things back down to earth.

At 7:45 a.m. local time, John Harbaugh sat down at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. There was a crowd of reporters around his table at the NFL owner’s meetings, and the Baltimore Ravens were facing more uncertainty at quarterback than they had in ten years.

After waiting three minutes, Lamar Jackson cranked up the volume and sent a tweet.

As coincidental as the Ravens’ decision to place the franchise tag on their quarterback 20 days prior, Jackson’s tweet at 7:48 a.m. It was forthright and obviously intended to convey a message, which, to me, was twofold beyond just the news that he broke on March 2—five days before Baltimore even put the tag on him—that he had asked for a trade.

For one, it shed light on the current state of the negotiations from Jackson’s point of view (not a good place). Two, it made it abundantly clear that Jackson and his entourage were as cold, cunning, and tough as the NFL teams who would be sitting across the table from them, despite weeks of being portrayed as aimlessly wandering through the offseason.

What it didn’t do was alter the fact that this quarterback negotiation has become as bizarre as any in recent or possibly ever historical memory.

The truth in this case is straightforward.

The simple fact that these two groups are present is a good place to start. The road to a lucrative contract isn’t always smooth, especially if you’re Kirk Cousins or Daniel Jones. However, in those situations, the dispute was not resolved simply because the team was not interested in signing the player.

The question was whether or not the group should attempt it. That led to two franchise tags for Cousins in Washington, followed by free agency and a $84 million, three-year contract with the Vikings. When it came time to sign Jones, the Giants paid a hefty fee for waiting a year, agreeing to a four-year deal worth up to $195 million (at $160 million per year).

An extension being granted to a guy in Jackson’s position is extremely rare. After four years, Andrew Luck’s contract was successfully completed. Just like Cam Newton. After that, early deal-making became the norm as teams raced to beat the market.

After three years, contracts were extended for Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen; Jared Goff and Carson Wentz also got new deals; and Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, and Jalen Hurts will probably get new deals later this offseason.

In contrast, Jackson was forced to play on his fifth year after the team exercised the option after his third season (which had happened only twice with quarterbacks, and, again, it was with lesser players, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, in 2019).

In 2019, Jackson won the league MVP award, he made two Pro Bowls and the Ravens completely revamped their offense to feature his skills by implementing a hybrid pro style and military academy formation. Jackson and the Ravens could have saved the team tens of millions of dollars, and Jackson could have reached nine figures in career earnings if they had agreed to a long-term deal with a traditional structure when he was first eligible, in ’21.

Jackson’s draught classmate Josh Allen, for example, will have over $95 million in cash flow between his rookie deal and the deal he signs in 2021. Meanwhile, the Bills have Allen under contract for another six years, after which they will no longer be obligated to pay him any guaranteed money. As a result, the team and quarterback can maintain their forward momentum.

That equation is as straightforward as the rest of them.

Outstanding quarterback.  Competing group.  Accord reached.

A month ago, the market for quarterback Lamar Jackson was cold (due to a combination of price, draft-pick compensation, injury history, and the need to build a very different offensive scheme for him), and then a week later, an adviser named Ken Francis emerged to sell Jackson to quarterback-needy teams without alerting the Ravens or Francis.

Lamar Jackson’s Perfectly Timed Tweets Sent a Very Clear Message to the Ravens

Three minutes later, Lamar Jackson hit send on his Twitter account, and turned the volume up to full blast. The timing of Jackson’s missive, tweeted at 7:48 a.m., was about as much of an accident as the Ravens’ putting the franchise tag on their quarterback 20 days earlier.

What was Lamar Jackson’s GPA?

a 3.5 G.P.A.
What was Lamar Jackson’s G.P.A.? He got a 3.5 G.P.A.

What is Lamar Jackson win loss record?

Lamar Jackson has a record of 49-21 in his career.
Lamar Jackson 70 49-21

Has Lamar Jackson ever thrown for 300 yards?

Lamar Jackson has 4 games played with 300+ passing yards.

Did Lamar Jackson have a baby?

Jackson is very tight-lipped about his personal life. He is known to be dating a Los Angeles-based groomer named Jamie Taylor. Jackson has a daughter named Milan and the only time he has ever shared her on social media was on her birthday.

How many touchdowns did Lamar Jackson have this year?

2021 Baltimore Ravens 16
2020 Baltimore Ravens 26
2019 Baltimore Ravens 36
2018 Baltimore Ravens 6

Is Lamar Jackson a top 5 quarterback?

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has been voted as the No. 36 player in the NFL on the “Top 100 Players of 2022” rankings.

Was Lamar Jackson married to a Kardashian?

Odom was married to Khloé Kardashian from 2009 to 2016. During their marriage, Odom made several appearances on the reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He and Kardashian also had their own reality series, Khloé & Lamar.

Has Lamar Jackson requested a trade?

Lamar Jackson announces he has requested a trade, says Ravens not ‘interested in meeting my value’ Baltimore Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson received the non-exclusive franchise tag this offseason after the two sides could not agree to terms on a long-term deal.

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