Several Ohio State athletes were chosen in the most recent ESPN 7-round mock NFL Draught.

All of the Ohio State football players that are eligible for the draught have worked really hard to reach the top level of the game.

Before the NFL Draught, certain athletes may have private workouts or meetings with teams after the NFL combine and Ohio State pro day.

The draught picture is becoming much clearer as the picks start in less than a month. Teams are scouring their scouting departments to determine.

which players will fit into their system the best now that free agents have signed and significant transactions have been completed.

Jordan Reid’s most recent mock draught, a full seven-rounder that included several Ohio State players, was published by ESPN because they are aware of this.

Find out where they were anticipated to land and Reid’s justification for the selection.

Round 1, pick 1 – Carolina Panthers selected QB C.J. Stroud

Round 1, pick 12 – Houston Texans select WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba

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