10 All-Star Female Sports Reporters

1. Charissa Thompson Charissa Thompson, who will anchor Fox Sports 1's signature nightly news and highlights show, Fox Sports Live, says women's restrooms are hard to come by in her line of work.

2. Hannah Storm "I was in Charlotte, N.C., when they launched the NBA team there, the Charlotte Hornets. 

And the first guy to roll into town was Carolina native Michael Jordan. I was young and didn't really like going into the locker room.

But of course I did because I had to make deadline," says Storm, host of ESPN's SportsCenter. "

And he treated me, the only woman covering the franchise, with such dignity. The fans weren't as accepting. They sent me hate mail.

3. Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson FoxSports 1's Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson both say they grew up wanting to work in sports media.

4. Charissa Thompson on Erin Andrews "I used to see Erin [Andrews] at NFL games and other events, but we weren't close," Thompson says. "And then I got to ESPN.

 My very first day, I remember walking from the parking lot in Bristol, Conn.

, past these little windows that I now know was a conference room. I was wearing my best pair of shoes; they were my first Christian Louboutins.

5. Erin Andrews on Being Dubbed ‘Sideline Barbie’ "I came along right when the Internet was blowing up, right when the sports blogs started," says Andrews. 

"So I was baptized into this world where these sports blogs dubbed me the "Sideline Barbie," the "Sideline Princess.

" And I was not only worrying about the questions I was asking, but then I had men on these blogs critiquing what I was wearing."

6. Erin Andrews on Her Job’s Not-So-Glamorous Side "The sidelines aren't as glamorous as everyone thinks," says Andrews. "When halftime happens, you do the interview, and then you've got to grab a coach or a player

7. Lesley Visser CBS Sports' Lesley Visser , the only woman enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, was the first female to handle the Super Bowl trophy presentation.

8. Mary Carillo When Mary Carillo — who won the 1977 French Open mixed doubles championship with her playing partner John McEnroe — segued from the court to the broadcasting booth in 1980, 

the United States Tennis Association would not allow her to cover men's tennis, only the women's matches.

9. Michele Tafoya Michele Tafoya, sideline reporter for NBC Sports' Sunday Night Football, says Bobby Knight (then Indiana University coach), wouldn't make eye contact with her ahead of a TV interview in his office in 1995.

In 1995, Michele Tafoya, now sideline reporter for NBC Sports' Sunday Night Football, was assigned to interview then-Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight.

10. Michelle Beadle "It's definitely a business where if you're self-conscious at all, you either grow a thick skin or at least fake like you have one," says Michelle Beadle, 

host of NBC Sports Network's The Crossover. "It's stupid to make women feel awkward for doing a job that a dozen men are doing at the exact same time. But I don't think anyone should be in the locker room.