1993 Notre Dame remembered as one of most-hated teams of all-time

When I recently clicked on an article at 247Sports titled “Miami, USC lead college football’s 10 most-hated teams of all time rankings”

 I wasn’t expecting to see the team that made me go from liking college football to being obsessed with it.

Had it been a list of the most disrespected teams of all-time I’d have expected to see 1993.  

That version of the Fighting Irish showed up on the list at eighth overall.  

Here is what Crawford had to say about that ’93 Notre Dame squad had a national championship blatantly stolen from them.

No doubt Notre Dame had plenty of enemies, Crawford is right about that and you can view his entire list here.

 The enemies are why the voters awarded Bobby Bowden a lifetime achievement award in the form of a national championship that season.

For fun, here is a quick look back in photos of the 1993 Game of the Century between No. 1 Florida State and No. 2 Notre Dame.

 If you don’t recall the game the frustrating thing is that the Irish really did lay the wood to the Seminoles that day,

 but because of legit five dropped would-be interceptions and a couple of offensive lapses that kept Florida State even within shouting distance.