2023 NFL Mock Draft: Jets look elsewhere for franchise QB after four signal-callers go in top 10

It's Senior Bowl Week. And while there won't be a Justin Herbert, Jordan Love or Kenny Pickett on the roster,

first-round talents are in Mobile, Alabama, looking to solidify, or even improve, their draft stock.

There could be a Jalen Hurts; a quarterback who folks had somehow forgotten about,

but who quietly continues to solidify their draft stock in the eyes of evaluators,

 and a few years from now we're all acting surprised when that player is balling out.

Which reminds me: Rick Spielman and I will be at the Senior Bowl all week,

and we'll recap everything Thursday on "With the First Pick," our weekly NFL Draft podcast.

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As for this mock draft, there are no trades. That, most likely, won't be reality,

but we still have the Senior Bowl, Super Bowl, combine and free agency to get through,

so there's no rush on hitting every draft-trade permutation in late January. Instead,

the Bears go defense at the top, there's a run on quarterbacks and edge rushers, and then a couple of cornerbacks round out the top 10.