2023 NFL Mock Draft: Let’s Make Some Trades

As you unwrap your final few gifts, let Draft Network add one more to your queue with a brand new 2023 NFL Mock Draft.

This NFL mock draft will be a little different than the others for a few reasons.

First, this mock features trades—pick and player trades. Second,

this NFL mock draft will be a collaborative effort among the Draft Network’s writing team.

Jaime Eisner will tackle the first round and the combination of Jaime, Ryan Fowler,

Jack McKessy, and Justin Melo will draft round two.

Let’s see how the 2023 NFL Draft could play out as the year ends with teams moving around the board a bit.

An asterisk notes trades specifically made for this NFL mock draft.

1. Houston Texans C.J. Stroud QB, Ohio State

2. Cincinnati Bengals (via CHI)* Will Anderson Jr. EDGE, Alabama

3. Seattle Seahawks (via DEN) Bryce Young QB, Alabama

4. Carolina Panthers (via ARI)* Will Levis QB, Kentucky

5. Indianapolis Colts Christian Gonzalez CB, Oregon

6. Atlanta Falcons Jalen Carter IDL, Georgia

7. Detroit Lions (via LAR) Tyree Wilson EDGE, Texas Tech

8. Arizona Cardinals (via CAR)* Joey Porter Jr. CB, Penn State

9. Las Vegas Raiders Bijan Robinson RB, Texas

10. Philadelphia Eagles (via NO) Myles Murphy EDGE, Clemson