2023 NFL mock draft: Updated 1st-round projections after wild-card round

The first round of the NFL playoffs is in the rearview mirror,

 which means we have five more slots locked in atop the 2023 NFL draft order.

That means it’s time for a new round of projections for the early going of this year’s draft,

 as a handful of teams have changed their spot significantly based on last weekend’s postseason action.

Here’s an updated look at how the first round could shake out,

using the latest updated order following wild-card weekend:

1. Chicago Bears 2. Houston Texans

3. Arizona Cardinals 4. Indianapolis Colts

5. Seattle Seahawks (from DEN) 6. Detroit Lions (from LAR)

7. Las Vegas Raiders 8. Atlanta Falcons

9. Carolina Panthers 10. Philadelphia Eagles (from NO)

11. Tennessee Titans 12. Houston Texans (from CLE)