Instant analysis on Michigan State's scheme in victory over CMU

In this report from the pressbox, the journalist provides their thoughts on the team’s performance in the game. 

They highlight Kim’s comfort on rollouts and the effective use of waggles in the offensive scheme. 

The journalist praises Walker’s performance in running windback plays and praises the execution of a new route concept. 

They also discuss the team’s defensive strategy against CMU’s passing game and highlight standout plays from Carr and Spencer. 

The journalist has concerns about MSU’s linebackers and run defense but is optimistic about the offense. 

They note the success of the no-huddle tempo but mention the issue of false starts. Overall, the journalist believes the team will be fine but has questions about facing tougher opponents.

    Detailed analysis of MSU's offensive and defensive strategies    Observations on individual player performances

    Raises questions about the team's ability to compete against top opponents


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