An early look at Ohio State football's 2023 schedule

If you are like me, you’ve gone through about five different instances from the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl,

 and asked the questions “what if,” and “how” on several occasions.

Ohio State had the game won against Georgia but fell just short because of a litany of bad breaks and one missed field goal.

As a result, the Buckeyes’ season came to an end after two-straight losses.

But fear not. The 2023 season will be here before you know it and there’s a better-than-good chance that Ohio State,

 will be a preseason top-five team once again. Another run toward a Big Ten championship ,

and College Football Playoff appearance should be in the scarlet and gray cards.

In fact, it feels like a good time to look ahead to the OSU football schedule for 2023,

 and provide an early narrative of each game as we start the slow build toward next season at the Ohio State football factory.