Apple's plans to launch its largest-ever iPad have faced a setback, postponing the highly anticipated release that had fans buzzing since 2021.

Although the launch of a 14-inch iPad seems to be on hold due to hurdles with OLED screen technology,

 the tech giant has some exciting updates in store for its loyal customer base, including the unveiling of a revamped Magic Keyboard.

Apple's journey towards the release of a larger iPad started making headlines in 2021, with Bloomberg's Mark Gurman hinting at a significant expansion in the iPad lineup,

 potentially bridging the gap between laptops and tablets. Following up in 2022, leaks from insiders,

 including a tweet from Majin Bu, pointed to the development of a 14.1-inch iPad Pro boasting powerful specs like an M2 chip,

512GB of storage, and 16GB of RAM. Ross Young from DSCC also added weight to these claims, suggesting a 2023 release date.

However, the anticipation hit a wall recently, with reports indicating that the launch has been postponed, possibly due to complications in integrating OLED displays.

Though it's a letdown for fans eager for an upgrade, it seems Apple is not ready to unveil their new device just yet.

Despite the delay, Apple enthusiasts have something to look forward to - a new and improved Magic Keyboard.

Gurman's recent insights reveal that this keyboard will sport a larger trackpad and an aluminum top case, aligning with the sleek design of the MacBook series.

While the exact pricing remains undisclosed, predictions suggest that it might maintain or even surpass the current starting price of $300. This enhancement indicates that,

 despite the larger iPad's delay, Apple is gearing up to offer a refined and seamless user experience with its upcoming products.


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