The 10 Loudest College Football Stadiums Bring New Meaning to Home-Field Advantage

Over the last year, we've learned the value of having fans in the stands.

That's truer about Collage Football than any other sport-- Collage Football fans are vital to a game's atmosphere and essential to home-field advantage.

In short, on game day, we want soaring noise levels. We want big-time decibels. We crave crowd noise.

Fans take pride in unusual things in college football, including wanting to be included in a list of the loudest college football stadiums.

As a result, a college football game has an atmosphere and a noise level you don't tend to find at the NFL level.

the 10 loudest stadiums in college football. Don't just think it is definitely on this list because a stadium is packed with people.

Take, for example, "The Big House," AKA Michigan Stadium.

The Wolverines can pack them in for a home game, but notoriously that stadium isn't that loud. This is because it wasn't built to keep noise in.

This can also fluctuate due to a team's success.

Once upon a time, Nebraska's Memorial Stadium would have made our top 10, but Tom Osborne isn't walking through that door, as they say.

Also, this is the rare superlative list in modern college football where Alabama needs to make the cut.

Sorry, Bryant-Denny Stadium fans. Consider yourself an honorable mention (and shout out to Virginia Tech's Lane Stadium, which also just barely missed the cut). With that said, let's get to the top 10.

10. Camp Randall Stadium (Wisconsin)

9. Husky Stadium (Washington)

8. Memorial Stadium (Clemson)

7. Neyland Stadium (Tennessee)

6. Ohio Stadium (Ohio State)

5. Kyle Field (Texas A&M)

4. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (Florida)

3. Beaver Stadium (Penn State)

2. Autzen Stadium (Oregon)

1. Tiger Stadium (LSU)

How loud is the loudest college football stadium?

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