Best Twitter reactions to James Laurinaitis joining the Ohio State football coaching staff

There’s no doubt that Twitter is a polarizing place, but it can be a place to celebrate as well.

That’s exactly what happened Friday night when the announcement was made that former Ohio State,

 All-American linebacker James Laurinaitis was joining the Buckeyes coaching staff as a graduate assistant.

Laurinaitis is one of the most decorated and beloved OSU linebackers of all time ,

and it always felt a little weird having him leave radio and television as Buckeye ambassador and personality

But now he’s back and you have to believe he’ll bring a lot to the defense as he works with the linebackers.

 He brings NFL experience and a leadership mindset that should suit Ohio State

well and help him launch a successful coaching career.

Buckeye Nation was quick to react on Twitter to the exciting news ,

and we’re sharing the best of what the free social media app brought us on Friday.