Chris Holtmann confirms commitment to Ohio State

As this very disappointing season has spun its way into our television sets and streaming devices for the 2022-2023 Ohio State basketball team,

there have been some very vocal voices by some fans and media members to turn the page on head coach Chris Holtmann.

 After all, there’s no way around it — this is one of the worst Buckeye basketball seasons in the history of the program and folks are fed up.

But through it all, nobody has ever asked the man that’s surely taken his bumps and bruises this year about how it has landed on him,

 and whether he’s fully committed to Ohio State. After all, despite the wet noodle of a season we’ve seen this year, his name has still surfaced for job openings as of late.

After the victory over Illinois on Sunday, Hotlmann was not only asked about this season and what a win means for him, the players,

and the future, but he was also asked about his commitment level to the Ohio State program.

His answer was honest and rather straightforward without a mincing of words or beating around the bush.