Cody Johnson To Honor Willie Nelson, George Strait & More On ‘The Cowboy Sessions’ Covers’ Album

Cody Johnson is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming double album, Leather, but the Texas-based star recently revealed that he has another project up his sleeve.

Honor Country Music Legends With Covers Album During a recent interview with iHeartRadio’s Spencer Graves,

 Johnson revealed that fans can expect to hear a covers’ album from him at some point in the future.

“I’m doing a concept album called The Cowboy Sessions, and it’s nothing but old cowboy songs like Marty Robbins and Willie Nelson,” he said. 

“The entire record is just covers. I’m covering Chris Ledoux, I’m covering George Strait. I’m covering Tom Russell and all this stuff. That’s kind of close to what you’re seeing.”

Teased Bluegrass, Gospel And Full-Blown Rock Albums The 36-year-old also opened up about a few more projects he hopes to take on down the road.

“In my future, I think a bluegrass album, I think a gospel album,” he shared, adding that “it would be really fun one time to just record a full-blown rock album.”

“I would never tour it,” he noted. “If I did, I might play three shows. We could go to New York, L.A. and Chicago or somewhere crazy like Austin.” Cody Johnson; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

New Album, Leather The first part of Leather is expected for release in the fall and the full project will include 24 songs.It will be Johnson’s second consecutive double album, following 2021’s Human.

Along with the traditional country fans have come to expect from Johnson, Leather will also include a gospel track, 

according to the singer, as well as a handful of songs recorded specifically for his live shows.

“That’s because I wanted to,” Johnson explained. “That’s because it’s so country I wanted to, that’s because it’s so country nobody else would cut it. 

These songs right here we’d probably put on the radio. Because that’s what we’re here to do is make country music. And I think that’s what’s gonna separate us from a lot of people.”


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