Halle Bailey's boyfriend DDG says he's insecure over her kissing and holding hands with her 'The Little Mermaid' costar in his new song

DDG appeared to voice his insecurities regarding his relationship with Halle Bailey. 

The rapper's candid remarks are featured in his new single, Famous, which seemingly focuses on Bailey's acting career. Bailey starred as Ariel in Disney's The Little Mermaid,which hit theaters in May.

The song is featured on his new album," Maybe It's Me...," and hit streaming sites Friday. https://youtu.be/UMFWJXmnLgs

"I'm tryna figure out what we gon' do/How we gon' get to the top?/Filmin' a movie now you kissing dudes," the lyrics read. 

"You know I love you a lot/I don't give a fuck if that shit for promo/I don't wanna see this shit no more."

DDG then appeared to reference Bailey holding hands with her "The Little Mermaid" costar Jonah Hauer-King at the film's UK premiere. 

"Why is y'all holdin' hands in the photo? You know I'm insecure, that's a no-no/I keep comin' back/Wanna leave you but I'm too attached," he says.

In the second verse, DDG delves deeper into his purported insecurities. 

"I been so insecure that I be thinkin' you really be fuckin' niggas you in movies with/ But on the internet, I just be coolin' it, 

but in my head, a nigga really losin' it/Gotta be payin' good 'cause you keep doin' it, I might just tweet somethin' just to ruin it/I got a platform, I'm abusin' it," DDG said. 

He continued: "It's a couple things about your job I wanna know (I do)/When you shoot your movie, do these niggas turn you on? 

(On)/When you leave the set, do y'all still text each other phone? (Phone). Just because they filmin' it, it don't mean that it ain't wrong." 

Online, Bailey's fans took fault with DDG's lyrics, where he also appeared to describe Bailey as "a famous bitch." "The misogyny and pure dismissal of Halle is overwhelming," one user wrote. 

Representatives for Bailey did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment. 

Although the couple began dating in March 2022, their relationship has faced public scrutiny and breakup rumors. According to E! 

News, an online spat involving the couple and DDG's ex-girlfriend Rubi Rose sparked in February after Rose claimed Bailey was wearing her clothes in photos shared on social media. 

Both DDG and Bailey denied Rose's claims. That same month, fans alleged that DDG used a burner account on Twitter to negatively comment on tweets about "The Little Mermaid," the outlet reported.

Both DDG and Bailey have responded to backlash about their relationship. 


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