ESPN NFL draft analyst believes the Chicago Bears should draft Bryce Young

ESPN NFL draft Todd McShay believes that the Chicago Bears should select Bryce Young with the first overall pick of the 2023 NFL draft and trade former first-round pick Justin Fields.

The decision would come as a surprise to many after the year Fields just had, but as McShay explains it makes sense.

First and foremost, McShay is a massive believer in Young and even compares him to NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes.

McShay praises Young saying, “The presence he has in the pocket, the ability to feel pressure coming,

the ability to see the field and make all the throws with really good touch and timing, he’s different than all of these other guys.”

On top of all of that, he thinks that Young is an immediate upgrade from Fields.

 The Bears would have the former Crimson Tide quarterback on a rookie deal for the next five years and would be able to build around him as well.

Hopefully Young goes first overall regardless of which team.

But more importantly, hopefully, he has a franchise that can truly support him the way he deserves.