Every Crimson Tide player to appear in Super Bowl LVII

The Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs will meet on Feb. 12 in Super Bowl LVII.

The Eagles and Chiefs were both the one-seed in their respective divisions and have been the two most consistent teams in the NFL all year long.

The Super Bowl showdown will feature the First-team and Second-team All-Pro quarterbacks,

 as well as some of the best offensive play callers in the league.

 The game will feature a number of former Alabama Crimson Tide stars including a Heisman Trophy winner.

Despite Alabama having the most amount of players in the league by any college program, there aren’t all too many in the Super Bowl.

Philadelphia Eagles - Jalen Hurts (QB) The 2022 Second-team All-Pro QB, Jalen Hurts, has played the position as well as anyone in the NFL this year.

Hurts is the conductor of this Eagles team, and he is going to have to go toe-to-toe with Patrick Mahomes to win Super Bowl 57.

Philadelphia Eagles - DeVonta Smith (WR) The former Heisman Trophy winner, DeVonta Smith, was ninth in the NFL in receiving in 2022.

 Between him and A.J. Brown, the Chiefs defensive backs are gonna have a long evening.

Philadelphia Eagles - Landon Dickerson (OL) Dickerson suffered an injury in the NFC Championship Game against the San Fransisco 49ers,

but it sounds like he has the green light to go in the Super Bowl. Dickerson will have his hands full with All-Pro DT Chris Jones all evening and will be a key matchup in this game.