Former Ohio State defensive end Sum Hubbard returns fumble return 98 yards. Twitter reacts.

Things were looking like an uphill battle for the Cincinnati Bengals until former Ohio State defensive,

 end Sam Hubbard found himself in the right place at the right time to flip the script.

There’s still time to go in what has turned out to be one whale of a game between the Bengals,

 and Baltimore Ravens, but there was a massive 14-point swing that has made all of Cincinnati rejoice for the time being.

Baltimore is giving the AFC North champions Bengals all they can handle and were getting ready to punch it in from,

 one yard out to go up by seven points in the fourth quarter .

when quarterback Tyler Huntley tried to reach the ball over the goal line.

Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for Cincinnati fans, the ball was punched out just before it crossed the goal line,

 and fell right in the lap of Hubbard who quickly turned,

 and raced 98-yards with a convoy to score a huge touchdown and electrify the crowd and team.

Twitter was all ablaze after the shocking, yet elated turn of events,

 and we have some of the best reactions for you here.