Georgia LB Nolan Smith compliments Trezmen Marshall for doing things the 'right way'

Former Georgia linebacker Nolan Smith was complimentary of the decisions that new Alabama linebacker Trezmen Marshall made in his time in Athens.

Smith was critical of student-athletes taking the lesser way out when it comes to transferring to different programs.

“Some guys I wouldn’t say take the easy way out, but when things don’t go their way,

 especially like in life now, guys transfer,” Smith said.

However, he was very outgoing about his former roommate and teammate which was Marshall.

Smith commended Marshall for handling things in the best way possible.

“I know certain times, guys have been in the program for a long time,” Smith said of Marshall.

“He’s been in there for four years. He got his degree. He only has one more year. I feel like he did it the right way.”

Marshall will be a graduate senior at Alabama this upcoming season. He will provide depth and experience to an inexperienced linebacker room.

 His impact on special teams and at linebacker will be crucial to Alabama’s success on the defensive side of the ball.

After being injury-riddled for the majority of his college career,

Marshall will look to capitalize on this new opportunity that the Alabama coaching staff has given him.