Georgia memorabilia store issues apology for Marvin Harrison Jr. photo

If you’ve been following the news cycle the last couple of days,

you no doubt have come across the story of the Georgia memorabilia store that had been selling some photos in bad taste.

More Than Sports issued an apology on Facebook through its CEO, Nick Radosta,

 on Wednesday night because of two photos of the hit that knocked Marvin Harrison Jr. out of the game in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl.

 It was signed by Georgia defensive back Javon Bullard who delivered the hit in the back of the end zone,

and inscribed “Night Night.” Each photo had been going for $129.99 each.

And yeah, there was a lot of criticism and outrage at what many fans feel crossed

 the line of competition to celebrate a hit that knocked a player out and put him in concussion protocol.

But hey, if we report the story, then we have to give credit when someone comes back to own up to it,

and that’s exactly what we have here. In a Facebook post Wednesday,

Radosta wanted to let everyone know it was a lack of judgment.