Heidi Klum Says She Almost Drew Childbirth Instead of Her Wedding During 'AGT' Magic Act 

Heidi Klum knows how to think fast under pressure! The America's Got Talent judge had to quickly put her art skills to the test during Tuesday's live show 

when contestant Trigg Watson asked her to draw a "special moment" in her life as part of his magic act. She quickly whipped up a sweet doodle illustrating her wedding to her husband Tom Kaulitz.

Speaking to PEOPLE backstage after the show, the 50-year-old judge revealed that she almost drew a very different moment: the birth of her kids.

"In that moment I was like, 'What are your special moments?' I immediately thought birth," she explained. "And then I was thinking immediately, 'Oh my God, I can't paint that!'"

"So my head was going all sorts of different ways, and I was like, 'No, no, no, no, no. Not birth. Wedding, wedding, wedding!'" she continued. 

 "I had to hurry, you know?" she added. "I was, like, caught off guard. I was like, 'What am I going to do?!'"

Though Klum didn't expect to be illustrating a major life moment, Watson said he was impressed by her drawing skills.

"It was so much fun," the magician told PEOPLE after his performance. "And her drawing was incredible that she whipped out. That drawing of her and her husband in 15 seconds was amazing." 

 The judge definitely chose to illustrate that particular moment for a reason. She and Kaulitz, 34, tied the knot in February 2019, two months after getting engaged. 

They celebrated the occasion with a lavish ceremony in Capri, Italy.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the best part of their marriage, Klum was quick to point out their bond and partnership.

"I feel like I really have a partner in crime," Klum raved about her husband. "We talk about big things, small things, everything in between. 

It's nice to plan things with someone and have really someone by your side to do everything with — the big things and the small things." 


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