“It’s Not Looking Very Good”: As $40,000,000 Worth Rapper Lizzo Takes a Nose Dive Into Troubled Waters, IFBB Pro Coach Provides His Two Cents on the Matter

Millionaire popstar Lizzo is facing severe backlash for her body-shaming controversy with dancers. 

It has taken the internet by storm and has also made its entry into the fitness world. 

Former bodybuilder turned YouTuber Greg Doucette recently shared a video on his channel that discusses the matter in addition to the athlete chipping in some bold insights. 

Doucette tried to address the irony in Lizzo’s advocacy for body positivity and her struggle with body shaming. 

Moreover, he also urged the community to question and reassess the kind of influence their idols try to put on them. 

Greg Doucette’s take on Lizzo’s fat-shaming act Recently, the 35-year-old singer was accused of body-shaming her backup performers for being overweight amongst other allegations. 

This was particularly a concern because of her constant advocacy for body positivity while dealing with obesity for years. 

Therefore, Doucette decided to deliberate on the incident by sharing his unfiltered and honest observations. 

“do you really think that you know the true Lizzo or do you know the Lizzo that she wants you to know,”

 the IFBB pro said after displaying a post that talks about self-image, loving one’s own body, and more? 


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