Who is Jack Antonoff? Everything to know about Margaret Qualley's fiancé

Jack Antonoff has been in the music industry for over 20 years, but the singer-songwriter has become even more popular in recent years. 

With a long list of celebrity friends that include Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey, the Grammy Award-winning producer has been making major headlines.

In May, TODAY confirmed that he and Margaret Qualley, the daughter of actor and model Andie MacDowell, had become engaged. 

The news was confirmed after Qualley, 27, appeared to show off her engagement ring on Instagram.

At the time, she captioned the post, “Oh I love him!” However, Qualley’s account appears to have been deleted or deactivated as of Aug. 19.

Qualley and Antonoff were first linked in August 2022 after the two were spotted kissing in New York City, People previously reported.

In March, the couple were seen at the Critics Choice Awards, where “Maid” was nominated for best limited series and Qualley was nominated for her performance. 

Then in April, they appeared together at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony, where Antonoff won an award for producer of the year.

He added that Spelling had that emotional reaction because giving her estranged mother the wealth would grant her significant control over her life through financial means.

“She was crying and feeling upset, not about the money, but about what it meant that was structured in such a way,” he continued.

Why Aaron Spelling Willed His Wealth To His Wife Shahnaian later explained why Spelling’s father decided to leave most of his wealth to Candy while leaving his daughter just $800,000.

“From what I understand, it was his hope was that it would bring Tori closer to her mom because it would require a connection between them,” he noted.

However, things don’t seem all that bleak. Shahnaian went on to claim that Candy had reportedly set up a trust for her and Spelling’s children. 

She also set up a trust for Spelling and her brother Randy, which is subject to her approval.

“And from my understanding of it, the money is in a trust and she still gets it someday,” Shahnaian added. “Her and her brother will still get what’s remaining in the trust.”


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