Jihad Ward gives his perspective on viral confrontation with Aaron Rodgers

New York Giants outside linebacker Jihad Ward gave his perspective on the confrontation he got into with Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, 

an exchange that went viral after it was captured on "Hard Knocks."

Ward and Rodgers got into it during Saturday's preseason finale after Ward gave the 39-year-old four-time MVP a light shove well after Rodgers had thrown the football. 

Rodgers made his displeasure known and put Ward down with an "un-comeback-withable" line, telling the eight-year veteran "I don't even know who you are, bro."

After Rodgers threw his first touchdown with the Jets, to Garrett Wilson, he and Ward got in each other's face again. "Don't poke the bear," Rodgers said.

"See, the thing is, they're going to entertain. They're going to show his part — HBO, whatever stuff is going on, 'Hard Knocks.' They're going to show his part," Ward said Wednesday, via ESPN. 

"They weren't even in the whole scenario of what really went down. They're going to show his side of the story. ... It's all about Aaron Rodgers at the (end) of the day. 

They sign him, it is what it is. They're going to show his part and make me look like a sucker. But I ain't going for that."

Ward said his displeasure with Rodgers stemmed from Rodgers and the rest of the Jets offense's reaction to Randall Cobb's devastating blindside block on Bobby McCain, which drew a penalty.

"Cobb … he lost all his training camp money," Rodgers said in the huddle. "What are you doing, bro? This ain't 2014."

"I forgot. I blacked out. I blacked out, all right?" Cobb said. "I ain't been able to hit nobody in awhile."

Ward was not happy about the lighthearted response to a hit that landed McCain in concussion protocol.

"They know what they did. I know what (Cobb) did, coaches know what he did, my teammates know what he did," Ward said. "I'm the only one sticking up for (McCain)."

Ward clearly has the teams' Oct. 29 regular season rematch circled.

"It's preseason and all that stuff and you're going to do some reaction like that? It's cool, though. That's how they roll," Ward said of the Jets. "I think we play them soon, it is what it is."


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