Jim Tressel provides thoughts on job Ryan Day is doing with Ohio State

The head coach of a big-time football program is a select fraternity.

Being the head man at a program like Ohio State is also a job like few others in the country where the expectations are to the moon and back.

It’s a fishbowl where you have to beat Michigan, make a run for the College Football Playoff national championship —

 and oh yeah — beat teams you are supposed to handle easily by a margin wider than a grand canyon valley.

So far, there is a large population of Ohio State football fans that aren’t feeling the vibes of the Ryan Day era.

Two-straight losses to Michigan that include being eliminated from a shot at a Big Ten title whip the armchair quarterbacks into a frenzy.

Couple that with no national titles and there’s no offset to make the restless scarlet and gray natives happy.

But someone in the Buckeye coaching fraternity has come out in support of Ryan Day, and it comes from the beloved former OSU coach Jim Tressel.

If anyone is qualified to speak on how an Ohio State head coach is doing, it’s the sweater-vested senator himself.

He turned the tide in the Michigan rivalry by losing just one time in 10 tries against the evil empire,

 brought home a national championship in 2002 by beating the “unbeatable” Miami Hurricanes,

won the Big Ten seven times, and made a national championship game appearance in three instances. He had a 106-22 overall record.