Josh Bryant Net Worth: How Rich is Kristin Chenoweth’s Boyfriend?

Joshua Bryant, who is simply known as Josh Bryant, is an American country music guitarist. 

He is part of the 6 man band called Backroad Anthem having started for them as a lead guitarist back in 2012. 

He is engaged to the Broadway actress Kristin Chenoweth after proposing in October of 2021. As of 2022, Josh Bryant net worth is estimated to be around $700,000.

Early Life Josh grew up in Arkansas in a traditional southern environment alongside his two older sisters. 

His father is a farmer and thus growing up, he used to enjoy going on hunting trips as well as fishing trips together with his father which has continued to be among his lifelong interests.

Furthermore, his father had served in the military as well and thus has mentioned that he has huge respect for those who serve in the military for the country.

Josh Bryant Net Worth and Career Josh had an interest in music from a young age and over time with practice, he got very good especially playing with the guitar. 

In 2012, he along with 5 other music enthusiasts and specialists decided to start a band called Backroad Anthem. 

Josh has continued to work with this band which is based out of his hometown of Arkansas.

From the band’s Instagram page, it is clear that they have performed in different locations throughout the United States 

and have even opened for well-known artists including Josh Turner as well as Chris Young. Though the band is known among the niche who like country music, they have been building up step by step.

Some of their works include the release of the EP called Feel This Night. With the growth of their band, they might be preparing to release a studio album soon.


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