Josh Turner Never Dreamed Chris Stapleton Would Be A Superstar

Chris Stapleton has done more than his fair share of writing country songs. Long before becoming a country superstar, he co-wrote Josh Turner’s “Your Man,” which topped the charts in 2006.

In an interview with Josh last week to discuss his upcoming Greatest Hits album, he said he would never have thought Chris would be such a big star.

Tuner told us, “Chris and I had crossed paths a lot back in those days. He was writing for the publishing company that was co-owned by my producer, Frank Rogers.

So, Chris and I have done demos together, and I have cut songs of his. I guess ‘Your Man’ was the first song that I had cut.

He was one of three writers on that song for us, but then he also sang background vocals for us on ‘Loretta Lynn’s Lincoln’ on the Your Man record.”

He added, “Chris and I had rubbed elbows a lot in those days, and I never…

Back in those days, if you would have told me he was going to be the superstar he is today, I would have been like, ‘You’re crazy.'”

He said, “I’m still a little bit shocked because even back then, I never saw the desire in him to be an artist. He was just content writing songs and doing demos and doing his thing.

If he had that desire, I never saw it. He was just so quiet and so mild-mannered and so laid back that I just didn’t see it.

But obviously, he’s capable of taking on that role, and he’s done that, and I’m very happy for him.”

Turner worked a lot with Chris, but he wasn’t sure the song he co-wrote would be such a hit. He told us, “I’ve cut several of Chris’ songs, and when I first heard ‘Your Man,’

it was just him singing it with a guitar, and of course I had heard his voice before I was very familiar with it but it was hard to hear what I would sound like singing it without actually doing that.

And that’s what Frank (his producer) encouraged me to do when I heard it because I was kind of skeptical.

Frank was like, ‘Just take it home, play around with it, see what you can do with it tomorrow.’ So, I went home, and did that and recorded it, and the rest is history.”

Stapleton recently announced his new album, Higher, will be out on November 10. He also released the first single, “White Horse,” co-written by Stapleton and Dan Wilson.

Wilson and Stapleton previously co-wrote “When The Stars Come Out,” from Stapleton’s debut album, 2015’s Traveller.


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