A List of Every Woman Logan Paul Dated Before Meeting 

WWE boxer Logan Paul doesn't just have game when he's in the ring, but also when it comes to dating. 

The Impaulsive host is currently engaged to Danish model Nina Agdal, who he started dating in 2022. But before Nina, he had a slew of other famous girlfriends.

So, who has Logan actually dated? From model Jessica Serfaty to actress Chloe Bennet, here are all the women (in chronological order) that Logan has dated.

In 2015, Logan was believed to have dated model Jessica Serfaty, who you may recognize from America's Next Top Model Season 10.

Although they never actually confirmed their relationship or posted cute couple photos together Logan 

and Jessica filmed multiple YouTube videos together and were even seen kissing at 2:30 in this video. 

It's currently unclear what happened to them and why they broke up, but some suspect there was cheating involved.

Internet personality and former Playmate of the Month Amanda Cerny, was probably one of Logan's more public girlfriends. 

The model and former Vine star was linked to Logan in 2016. They made a handful of videos together, but in 2017 she quietly started disappearing from his videos.

Remember when Logan was beefing with his younger brother Jake Paul? That was partially because of Alissa Violet.

Alissa dated Jake from 2015 to 2017. Shortly after that, Alissa moved on with Logan, which caused a divide between the brothers.

The ended up both making diss tracks about one another.

Logan even got Alyssa to star in the video for his diss track "The Fall of Jake Paul."The song contained lyrics such as: "'Uh-oh that's Alissa Violet, used to be your chick. Now she in the Logang..."


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