Michigan's plan to prevent more tunnel altercations involves removing seats from the stadium

After becoming the source of enhanced scrutiny following several incidents during the 2022 season,

Michigan is set to begin alterations to its football stadium to widen the field access tunnel.

The move is the result of a “thorough safety review” that began after the season, according to MLive.

The tunnel setup at Michigan Stadium — which features one entrance to the field which both teams pass through —

 placed the school in the national spotlight following a physical altercation between UM

 and Michigan State players after the Wolverines’ win on Oct. 29. Unsurprisingly,

a source told MLive the decision to widen the tunnel came as a direct result of that incident.

It also wasn’t the only one involving the tunnel this season, as two weeks prior,

Michigan players entered into a verbal dispute with Penn State players that, allegedly,

resulted in several of the Nittany Lions contingent tossing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the Michigan athletes.