Next up for Ohio State at quarterback, part one: Kyle McCord

In a three-part series, I am going to examine the strengths and weakness of both Kyle McCord,

 and Devin Brown now that C.J. Stroud is officially off to the NFL.

 While there isn’t much data on either one of them, there is still enough to handicap the race while highlighting what each does well.

Parts one and two will focus on the individual players, while the final part three will include my final takeaways ,

and who has the advantage heading into spring ball.

The expectation is that this duel will go well into fall and potentially all the way to Week 1 as well. Ryan Day has a huge choice to make.

Let’s get this started with a closer look at what Kyle McCord brings to the table.

 This breakdown follows watching highlights from his final year in high school (COVID-19 shortened season),

 and his play in 2021, the 2022 spring game, and what he did this past season.