NFL executive: 'Lamar-for-Tua trade makes sense'

Former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has battled constant criticism and rumors of being traded over the last three seasons.

Now, as he prepares for his fourth season in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins, another rumor may be gaining traction.

The Athletic’s Mike Sando reportedly spoke to an unnamed NFL executive,

who stated, “Mike McDaniel probably would do great with Lamar,” the executive said. “Maybe a Lamar-for-Tua trade makes sense.”

Tagovailoa took a massive leap in the right direction in the 2022 season.

 Now, instead of criticizing his ability to be a franchise quarterback, some are questioning his ability to stay healthy.

The Dolphins don’t appear ready to move on from Tagovailoa,

but they have also not shown interest in extending his contract with the franchise for now.

Trading for Baltimore Ravens star quarterback, former Heisman-winner and NFL MVP recipient, Lamar Jackson, could be a tall order for the Dolphins.

“At the moment, the Dolphins are strapped for cap space,

 but they can open a fair amount with just a few moves,” writes Dolphins Wire‘s Mike Masala.  “

However, the cost of a trade like this, even including Tagovailoa, would still require multiple first-round picks,

and they don’t have one to give this year after being stripped of one and trading another.”

There’s no telling if this rumor will fade to nothing, or if it will pick up steam. As of now, it doesn’t seem to be a realistic possibility.