NFL Mock Draft 2023: Bucs stay put, find Tom Brady replacement; Bears trade back as C.J. Stroud goes No. 1

With the NFL season wrapping up this weekend with the Super Bowl -- have you heard of it? -- it seems as good a time as any for my first NFL mock draft for 2023,

 and while I've always loved this time of year, this season's draft takes on a bit of added significance for me.

I'm a Chicago Bears fan. The team has never had the No. 1 pick in my lifetime, and while I'd much rather the Bears were playing in the Super Bowl,

 having the No. 1 pick is an excellent alternative. Particularly when they might already have their franchise QB in Justin Fields.

Now, I do not expect the Bears to make the draft's first pick. I believe they will trade the pick, and that's what I have them doing in my first mock.

 As a point of order going forward, while some like to include trade details in their mocks

, I don't. I find them to be beside the point. I care more about why the teams are making the trade than how much value they put on the picks.

In this mock, the Indianapolis Colts are moving up to draft a QB instead of playing veteran QB Roulette.

General manager Chris Ballard has made no secret of his willingness to do so, and it strikes me as a logical starting point in my first attempt this year.

Remember: there are only 31 selections in this mock draft because the Dolphins were stripped of their first-round pick due to tampering.