NFL Mock Draft: Top 23 Order and Picks Post 2023 Wild Card

Mock drafts are always a work in progress, and this year it’s going to be even more fluid than 2022.

Seriously, who had Travon Walker going No. 1 overall last year at this time?

I did my first published NFL mock draft for the college paper in 1989. Ever since nailing the first two picks –

Troy Aikman to Dallas and Tony Mandarich to Green Bay, and totally whiffing everything else – I’ve had one unwavering belief I’ve never strayed from.

Never, ever, ever project a trade, and totally ignore any and every mock draft that does.

You can’t make a trade happen, or even accurately project one without totally screwing up the rest of the order.

So why this pretentious ramble before getting to the fun? The Chicago Bears are going to trade the first overall pick.

 there for the taking from some desperate team that needs one of the amazing quarterback prospects in this draft.

Until the Bears actually make the trade, I’m still playing this straight.

Kentucky QB Will Levis will – probably – be the first overall pick, but no,

Chicago isn’t taking a quarterback and it’s not trading away Justin Fields. So for now, here’s the first NFL Mock Draft of the silly season.