NFL Playoff Bracket: Conference Championship AFC/NFC Playoff Seeds and Matchups

The NFL playoffs continue to move along as all eyes start to turn to the Conference Championships.

Here’s what the AFC Playoff Bracket and NFC Playoff Bracket look like as the playoffs move into the Conference Championships.

AFC Playoff Seeds and Standings 1. *Kansas City Chiefs 2. Buffalo Bills (Eliminated) 3. Cincinnati Bengals

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (Eliminated) 5. Los Angeles Chargers (Eliminated) 6. Baltimore Ravens (Eliminated) 7. Miami Dolphins (Eliminated)

NFC Playoff Seeds and Standings 1. *Philadelphia Eagles 2. San Francisco 49ers 3. Minnesota Vikings (Eliminated)

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Eliminated) 5. Dallas Cowboys (Eliminated) 6. New York Giants (Eliminated) 7. Seattle Seahawks (Eliminated)

NFL Conference Championship Bracket Schedule The Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Cincinnati Bengals, and San Francisco 49ers are the four teams heading to the Conference Championships.

With the Bills losing to the Bengals, the NFL will no longer need to worry about the AFC Championship game,

 being played on a neutral field. Instead, the Bengals will need to travel to Arrowhead to take on the Chiefs.