NFL Playoffs futures: Odds for 10 players most likely to win this year's Super Bowl MVP

The NFL postseason is upon us.

Each AFC and NFC team’s odds vary, but each is alive until they aren’t.

While each of the 14 participating squads has a “realistic” shot at being awarded the team trophy,

not every player has likely odds of winning the great individual award of the postseason —

the Super Bowl MVP. But some do. From 10 to one, in that order, here are the 10 players with the shortest odds to win Super Bowl LVII.

10. RB Devin Singletary - Buffalo Bills (+2800) A running back hasn’t won Super Bowl MVP since 1998, and it would be surprising if this was the guy to bring the award back to the backfield.

9. TE Travis Kelce - Kansas City Chiefs (+2800) In two Super Bowl appearances, Kelce has a total of 16 catches, 176 receiving yards and a touchdown.

8. QB Justin Herbert - Los Angeles Chargers (+2500) There’s no question that Herbert is talented enough to win this award,

 but betting on him to do so would mean his team has to greatly overachieve.

7. RB Christian McCaffrey - San Francisco 49ers (+1800) Touchdown scorer. Big-play maker. Runner. Receiver. Sleeper pick to win the Super Bowl MVP award.

6. QB Dak Prescott - Dallas Cowboys (+1600) Their regular season indicates they could, which would make Prescott the most likely of the Cowboys to bring home the individual award.

5. QB Brock Purdy - San Francisco 49ers (+1000) team to a Super Bowl win in Year 1?

4. QB Joe Burrow - Cinicinnati Bengals (+900) The Bengals made a Super Bowl run a year ago mostly because of their defense.

3. QB Jalen Hurts - Philadelphia Eagles (+650) The Eagles are probably the best team in the playoffs (their record indicates they are the best),

2. QB Josh Allen - Buffalo Bills (+550) If Allen plays anything like how he has over the past two years, whew.

1. QB Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs (+400) The only former Super Bowl MVP winner on this list is rightfully the favorite to win the award this time around.