NFL teams impressed by Bryce Young's football acumen and knowledge of defensive schemes

NFL Insider Jordan Schultz tweeted on Thursday that “teams have been blown away by his  ability on the board,

which has included dissecting coverages he hasn’t yet played against.”

Young is undoubtedly going to be one of the top picks in this year’s NFL Draft.

The Alabama quarterback possesses all of the necessary traits to be successful at the next level.

The only concerns that teams and draft experts have seemed to have regarding Young’s future is his size.

Young is listed at 6-feet tall and 194 pounds, according to Alabama’s official website.

Some insiders have speculated that he will measure shorter than his actual height.

 NFL Insider Ian Rapoport recently had this to say on NFL Now:

“Bryce Young will be measured tomorrow (Saturday),

but whatever the answers end up being are unlikely to affect his status as the probable top pick.”

That is some valuable insight in regards to Young’s stock.

 It seems as if the majority of the teams across the league will dismiss his size and appreciate his football acumen and knowledge.