Nick Saban reveals his biggest problem with college football agents

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban was a guest on Stephen A. Smith’s “Know Mercy” podcast Wednesday, and he expressed his thoughts on college football agents.

The two discussed a variety of topics including college football agents.

Saban admitted earlier in the interview he wanted his players to have agents representing them for market purposes.

 However, the Alabama head coach is not a fan of unqualified representation.

“My issue is agents in the NFL are licensed, they are qualified, they are regulated by the NFL PA,” said Saban.

“You got none of that in college. You can have any guy off the street calling people, telling them they should do this or that,

 who really may or may not be qualified to be making those kind of decisions or be the best people to create a market for a player.

Saban has been a college coach at Alabama for 16 seasons and has been very vocal about the recent changes that have been implemented to the game.

Despite the whirlwind of changes, Saban still was able to sign the top class in the country for the 2023 cycle.