Notre Dame 2023: Plenty Of Firsts In Year Two

As Marcus Freeman finalizes his staff and gets Notre Dame ready for spring ball,

it’s wild to think about just how much has changed in a single calendar year.

Plenty of players have come and gone and the staff looks nothing like it did when Freeman first took the helm.

Having so many changes take place provides both opportunity and risk. Nobody knows that more than Freeman himself.  

Will these changes help the Irish next fall? Hurt them? We will find out in about six long months. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the firsts to keep an eye on.

1. QB Health Former teammate of Sam Hartman believes Notre Dame can compete for a title

 This put Notre Dame “behind the eight ball” right away in Freeman’s first year in terms of what was possible on the field.

2. Gerad Parker's Offensive Vision What to expect out of Notre Dame’s offense with Gerad Parker as coordinator

I’m certain that under new offensive coordinator gerad parker, Notre Dame will still try to maintain its physical identity.

3. Wide Receiver Room Changing Fast It was no secret that last year Notre Dame was in a dangerous spot in terms of wide receiver skill, talent and depth. 

This, along with Notre Dame’s reliance on a limited Dew Pyne meant that the passing game was a massive struggle most of the year.

One year later, Notre Dame may have two quarterbacks that can stretch the field and a revamped receiver room that will have more competition and depth in it.

As Marcus Freeman finalizes his staff and gets Notre Dame ready for spring ball,

4. New O Line U Director Everyone recognizes and acknowledges Harry Hiestand’s outstanding career and the terrific lineage of NFL talent he’s curated. 

The responsibility of maintaining the Irish’s run identity now falls on Joe Rudolph who himself has quite the run game resume at previous stops at most notably Pitt and Wisconsin.