Notre Dame 2023 Schedule: Top 3 trap games

Notre Dame’s next game may be eight months away, but that will not stop the Irish faithful from analyzing the schedule and making some bold, albeit very early predictions.

 The most notable games are quite obvious. For the second year in a row, powers Ohio State, USC and Clemson are on the slate again.

But what about the under-the-radar games? Games that are easily glanced over and by on the schedule.

 These are the games to really be wary of. Examples? Please refer to recent debacles known as the Marshall and Stanford games this past season.

1. Sept. 30 Duke First, I am thrilled for Duke head coach Mike Elko, who you may remember from his days coaching at Notre Dame.

2. Oct. 7. Louisville This isn’t a typo. I have back-to-back games as traps but in two very different ways.

Historically, when Notre Dame travels to Louisville it naturally feels like and is built up as their Super Bowl.

Not to be rude, but Louisville excites nobody in any way on the Irish side.

3. Nov. 18 Wake Forest This game is ultra-unique in two ways. First, Notre Dame has acquired Wake Forest’s successful starting quarterback, Sam Hartman.