Notre Dame 2023: Success Hinges On These Position Groups

Finally, after impatiently waiting through summer, college football is officially back. As Notre Dame prepares for their Dublin adventure, fans have lots of unanswered questions regarding their squad.

While these questions remain momentarily unanswered, I do think one thing is certain after fall camp. Notre Dame’s roster is getting faster, more athletic,

and features way more year 1-2 players that can legitimately compete for roles in the 2-deep. How will this translate on the field for 2023? Let’s examine the biggest factors that will determine the Irish’s success or failure.

1. Defense Is As Advertised One of my biggest concerns about the 2023 Irish this past winter was the defense. 

How would the Irish replace 4/6 top tacklers up front and over half of last year’s sack production? Would the linebackers and secondary be able to hold up vs this year’s gauntlet schedule?

If camp media reports are to be believed, the Notre Dame defense actually looks deeper, faster, and stronger this year.

2. O Line U? Everyone around college football respects Notre Dame’s tackle situation. Joe Alt and Blake Fisher are proven entities and soon-to-be NFL draft picks. But what about inside? 

The Irish have been rotating guards for most of camp and have seemed to settle on Rocco Spindler and Pat Coogan for these positions.

3. Wide Receiver Development Even if the offensive line protects well, and Sam Hartman is all that his extensive stat line says he is, the offense will only reach its potential if the revamped receiving corps steps up.

 Due to unfathomably awful recruiting and development of this group by the previous regime, Chansi Stuckey has done a terrific job replenishing this lineup quickly.

It isn’t generally ideal to have to rely on year 1-2 players in a wide receiver rotation, but these players have earned their spots.


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