Notre Dame football: Making sense of Tommy Rees to Alabama

As you’ve heard and read from me many times before, Notre Dame is never boring

. It’s always the next something. And here we are again.

 In what is normally a rather slow part of the calendar in terms of news and action,

the big news has dropped out of South Bend. Now offensive coordinator Tommy Rees will be leaving Notre Dame for the same role at Alabama.

Reactions to this news from the fan base on social media and my morning call call-in show were what one would expect. Mixed.

Many feel that this next season is one where Notre Dame would have more offensive talent ,

and that Rees could finally ramp the offense up significantly.

Others have felt that it is time for Freeman to have a clean slate to build the program free from all things Kelly era- ish, including Rees.

In terms of this from the other side of the table, this move makes plenty of sense for Tommy, and here’s why.