Notre Dame Football: Positions that need fast adjustments

There are plenty of things for Notre Dame fans to like about how Marcus Freeman carries himself and goes about his business.

From his genuine demeanor, gifted communication skills to even the polished good looks, there’s a lot to like.

But most of these traits are in the eye of the beholder, what about practical tangible things that can be measured?

One of the biggest issues I and many had in the Kelly era was that we could clearly see glaring areas of the roster that were clearly not good enough,

yet nothing seemed to ever change. The same problems would arise year after year.

That has changed drastically under the new regime and it is both needed and very much appreciated.

1. Quarterback Quarterback is the most important individual position in all of sports. 

Notre Dame has not been nearly good enough in this area for most of my life.

To compete in the modern era a major overhaul of Notre Dame’s QB room had to take place.

2. Wide Reciever Another glaring area of weakness was the Wide Receiver room.

 It has simply not been competitive enough when compared to the upper echelon teams the Irish are trying to overtake.

Again, Notre Dame’s staff saw what the fans saw and jumped into action.

3. Defensive Line A new worry that has crept up on Irish fans lately is depth and bulk at Defensive Line.

 Notre Dame prides itself on its defense and being stout up front against the run.

 After losing many mainstay reliable pieces to this front, the Irish are trying their best to restock.