Notre Dame Football's Top Spring Storyline: The QB Dynamic

Spring is upon us. A time for rebirth, new hope and new beginnings.

Both in nature and also in every college town in America as they prepare or have started their spring football drills.

Spring ball lends itself to positivity. There are no games to lose and therefore every team can dream for the stars,

 and build a positive mindset entering the long summer layoff period.

In terms of Notre Dame’s Spring specifically, most of the attention will be placed on the quarterback competition,

and rightfully so. There is no other individual position group in sports that is more important than this one,

 and it happens to also be one that everyone who follows Notre Dame knows needs to be improved moving forward.

For the first time in recent memory the Irish feature multiple quarterbacks that excite the fan base.

Let’s break down the dynamics of this battle as Spring Football gets started.