Notre Dame's Modern Recruiting Method: 3 Key Changes

Notre Dame’s 2023 recruiting class features a “blue chip rate” of 83%.

This percentage is higher than any of Brian Kelly’s Notre Dame classes and is almost double the hit rate on top-end talent in some years.

The 2024 class is setting up similarly with the Irish in the mix for lots of highly talented 4-5 star athletes.

Sure, there are still challenges to recruiting to Notre Dame.

Things such as blank-check NIL deals and stringent academic requirements make it harder than ever to land top-notch players.

Notre Dame is a unique sell. A unique vibe. A unique mystique.

 It takes a unique effort and approach to recruit to it effectively.

1. Effort One of the first things I was alerted to behind the scenes shortly after Marcus Freeman was hired ,

as Kelly’s DC was the fact that he was bombarding the recruiting office with more paperwork than they’d ever seen before.

2. Messaging Notre Dame isn’t the easiest place to sell. Tough academics, cold weather, small-town feel. It’s not for everybody.

3. Relationship Building Recruiting is first and foremost about relationships. Freeman’s genuine personality and relatability is a huge asset.

One massive shift in how Notre Dame now recruits is the timeframes in which relationships are being built.