Ohio State football scouting Report: Sonny Styles

Sonny Styles is a former five-star recruit from Pickerington Central in Ohio, just a stone’s throw from Columbus.

 He was originally a part of the 2023 recruiting class but was reclassified to join the 2022 class,

 and enroll at Ohio State for this past season.

Reclassifying is becoming more common in the age of Name,

Image and Likeness thanks to high-profile recruits like Quinn Ewers,

 but it is still infrequent and it is always a safe bet to assume these players are not going to be ready to compete immediately.

I contained my optimism in regard to Styles because of this,

as his dad is Lorenzo Styles who is also an Ohio State legend ,

and former third-round selection at linebacker. The following is what we can expect from Styles.