One outlet somehow believes C.J. Stroud to the NFL isn't a lock

We are all waiting on what Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stoud will do next year,

although it would be a major shock if he doesn’t head off to the NFL.

But don’t tell that to one outlet. In fact, it believes that there is potential for Stroud to return for another year at Ohio State.

Spark College Football has heard a rumor that Stroud is considering staying in Columbus due to a very “large NIL package being proposed to him.”

Now you have to remember that this could very well be smoke but they also mentioned that Las Vegas experts

have increased the odds that Kentucky quarterback Will Levis could be selected with the number one overall pick.

We’re not sure where Spark College Football got this “rumor,” but something tells us someone is having fun at others’ expense.

The Chicago Bears own the first pick and already have a Buckeye quarterback as their starter in Justin Fields.

 They just made former Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren their President and CEO.

Their general manager, Ryan Poles has said he loves Fields,

 and most likely won’t draft a quarterback with their pick, but there is potential they trade down.