Patrick Mahomes Models For $5,160,000,000 Apparel Giant, 23 Years After His Father Did the Same

Patrick Mahomes recently released a video of him modeling for $5,160,000,000 luxury apparel giant Hugo Boss.

He has exceeded the sporting legacy of his father but is certainly walking in the same path since his dad Pat Mahomes revealed that he too modelled for the brand 23 years ago when he was in the MLB.

Mahomes is easily one of the most influential players in the NFL right now.

Being one of the best comes with a lot of attention from fans which he certainly knows how to keep. He displayed his fresh looks in his recent Instagram video which was in partnership with Boss.

Boss after collaborating with the NFL has teamed up with star athletes like Patrick Mahomes, Damar Hamlin,

 and Trevon Diggs to promote their latest styles and command the world luxury apparel with huge sporting influence in their roster.

Recently the Super Bowl champion QB was featured in their newest commercial captivating NFL fans online.

Mahomes, who is normally seen dressing up his best on days of his gala appearances with his wife Brittany Mahomes, looked his freshest self while modeling for the brand in the new commercial.

 His new look mesmerized fans who couldn’t get their eyes off him. “Dude a model now too.

That resume runs deep,” one fangirl said. While his former teammate Chris Conley wrote, “My boy getting into fashion.”

However, the most interesting reaction came from Patrick Mahomes’ father. “That’s crazy. I modeled for them 23 years ago,

” the star QB’s father stated. Although it can be said that Mahomes has exceeded his father’s legacy he is still following in his footsteps.

Though for many this could have been just another commercial by a sporting elite.

But for Mahomes, it was so much more. Patrick Mahomes who has a huge fan following among kids tries to be the perfect role model for them every time and this video was no different.

The caption of the post read, “No matter where you’re at in life, it’s about being the best you that you can be every single day. #BeYourOwnBOSS.”


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