Patrick Mahomes on Chris Jones: At this point, we prepare with the guys in the building

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes sounds resigned to opening the season without star defensive tackle Chris Jones.

Asked about Jones’ continued holdout on Sunday,

Mahomes said the Chiefs are preparing for Thursday night’s opener against the Lions as if the players currently in the locker room are the ones who will be on the field.

“At this point, you just prepare to play the game with the guys that are in the building, and let the front office and stuff handle that,” Mahomes said.

“But we’ve got a tough test with the Detroit Lions. We’re gonna try to focus on how we can win with the guys that are here.”

Asked if players on the Chiefs should be willing to do what it takes contractually to keep the whole team together, Mahomes said the Chiefs have a great thing going, but didn’t say what Jones should do.

“I know how special it is here, and I know how special of a thing we’ve got going,” Mahomes said.

“I stay out of contract stuff. But I know I’ve been lucky to be in this place, and I want to go out there and win as many championships as I can.”

Winning a third championship will be harder for the Chiefs if Jones isn’t there.


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